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Addressing the conference,

 Dear Colleagues,

The purpose of this conference is to take stock of the establishment and operation of a new model of the oil industry, which was created at the time of truly revolutionary changes in our country in the 1990s, and discuss options for further development of the Russian oil industry. Time has proven soundness of the chosen vector for reforming the domestic oil industry along the lines of vertical integration. Despite differences in the ownership structure, all Russian vertically integrated oil companies are in fact national companies and form the mainstay of the country's energy security. The Russian oil sector is presently tasked with using the latest technological advances to increase the oil potential, which was created in our country in the middle of the last century. I am confident that all together, we will successfully meet all the energy challenges facing humanity in the XXI century. 

Vagit Alekperov President of OAO "LUKOIL"

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